One could say Christopher started his career path as a Builder at the young age of nine. His step-father was a home builder in the 80s, he would visit the job sites every chance he could and often was put to work. The summer after his first year of college Christopher went to work for a rapidly growing commercial contracting company working as much overtime he could. That following fall he chose to continue working, learning and saving.

He and his wife moved from the northeast in early 2001, in search of a better lifestyle and weather, Charleston was the right fit. Christopher went to work for a local builder Hardy Homes there he learned the many regional differences building in the south and also received the experience necessary in order to pass the SC home builders exam.

In March 2002 Christopher officially went out on his own with CK Construction and later incorporated as CK Contracting, LLC, working mainly independently for homeowners performing smaller remodeling projects. It didn’t take long for CK to start specializing at high end interior trim, working a crew that was quickly noticed for their superior craftsmanship and good work practices.

CK built their first house in 2004 and realized it could be a conflict of interest if he were to sub-contract interior trim work from the same builders that they would compete against at building homes. In 2006, the decision was made to concentrate on building, soon after the bottom fell out. In order to make a living Christopher had to put the tool belt back on and work through the tough times.

CK Contracting continues to adapt in an ever changing real estate market while cautiously expanding. This slow growth has made CK more financially stable with very satisfied clients. CK Contracting is looking forward to making this it’s best year yet!