Charleston SC has some of the most beautiful well built homes in the world its diverse architecture and southern charm is what draws people to live here and visit. Many of these homes are hundreds of years old and some date as far back to the 1600’s they have stood the test of time enduring a harsh climate, hurricanes, earthquakes and even wars. Why would home in a newly built neighborhood suffer missing siding, trim or roof shingles just from a passing thunder shower? These homes were built mainly on two factors time and money. This faster cheaper approach on building often overlooks the basic building principals learned hundreds of years ago.

CK Contracting is aware of their responsibility for building in the mostly untouched beautiful Low Country as it will change the landscape indefinitely. This sense of responsibility along with our passion for quality has driven us to build better and work smarter. Our team of professional sub-contractors and suppliers understand that communication is crucial for a successful project. Whether it is a custom home or remodeling one we continuously pursue the best building practices done absolutely correct to assure our projects will beatify the landscape for hundreds of years.